He has been member of the Rickebros team ever since 1997. In the beginning he was solely responsible for adding sound and music to our otherwise finished films.
Displeased with the production sound we provided he stated to accompany us on set first to monitor the sound-recording. Soo it became apparent that he not only has an excellent ear but also a knack for organization.
This way Marc became second AD, line-producer and public-relations manager all rolled into one.
Since we professionalized our productions he has gone back to his core talent.
He composes the music and does the sound design for our movies. Homepage


Thorsten has combined his educations as communication-designer and his love for movies and became production-designer and art-director. For D-I-M he worked with Henning to develop the sterile look of the world in 2075. The slightly phantastical and eccentric look of Rosfeld is his invention as well.


Patrick is director of photography and has worked on many TV and feature-films in germany and abroad. Additionally he writes and produces documentaries with is own company Fokusfilm. His suggestions and creative input go far beyond the camera-related issues. Patrick joined our network shooting D-I-M and managed to visualize the dark aspects of the film’s gleaming white world.
For Rosfeld he is back on board as DoP.


Since the year 2000 digital effects have been a defining factor for our movies.
Starting from color-correction or the removal of unwanted bits in the picture and going as far as creating everything that is either too big, too expensive or simply impossible to realize otherwise. The possibilities of computer-generated imagery have removed the barriers between what is thinkable and what can be realized on screen. Planning D-I-M even Henning had to admit that the immense workload could not possibly be shouldered by one person alone. Through contacts at the Düsseldorf University of applied Science we met a group of highly motivated young digital artists, who were enthusiastic about the project. The CGI Team consists of nine media-technicians and media-designers that can cover all aspects of digital postproductions, compositing, modeling, texturing and animation, tracking and character-animation.
They are part of the Rosfeld team now and work hard to put the first interstellar contact on the screen.